Photos by Todd Nichols.  CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE.

This one of my favorite dresses of the season. I could not take my eyes of the back detail. Gorgeous dress for a gorgeous bride!

Of course you know I loved the shoes.....I am clearly obsessed with shoes. So glad she went with Kentucky Blue even though now she lives in Florida. Once a Ky girl, always a Ky girl.

In addition to being her planner, we also did her flowers/decor for the wedding. I loved how they turned out.

The rose petal aisle was one of my favorite details.

He sees her for the first time (sigh). I never get tired of seeing this done.

Flower girls <love>

ring bear carefully carrying the box

sand ceremony

There was another wedding going on near ours, and their guests kept walking by commenting on how they wanted to come to our wedding instead! The glow of the room, the great music and sound of laugher were irresistible.

Loved the bride's 2nd dress too and the photo booth area.

A sweet ending to the night.