WOW! Meredith and Steve’s wedding was a culmination of so much thought and love for each other and what they wanted their wedding to reflect. I started working with Meredith in January, for her April 28 wedding. We were quite behind by the time I came aboard.  I instantly adored Meredith and her spunk– however, this bride could not make a decision! My favorite thing about this wedding was seeing Meredith blossom from this shy and uncertain bride, to a full blown diva, in 4 short months! Every time we made a decision, Meredith became a little more sure of herself and her ability to convey to me what she really wanted. I was also her florist and this seemed to be the hardest part for Meredith to really peg her look, and vibe and have everything flow together.  It’s such a classic example of how a wedding planner can guide a client along the way, but the look, feel and personality of their wedding was totally theirs. I was always offering ideas, and structure, but Meredith made the final decisions. Every time I would meet with her, I couldn’t stop smiling, because in a very short period of time, Meredith was actually enjoying her engagement and the whole planning process was no longer daunting, it was fun!


I had the pleasure of working with Amy Campbell of Angela Anderson, who masterfully captured their day in a unique and timeless way. It’s one of my all time favorites and I gained an amazing friend in the process!

Laura at the CarrickHouse shined as usual!  Brenda Renner at the Sugar Forest, provided the amazing cake.  Trevor with Complete Music is one of my favorite DJ’s– he always delivers a packed dance floor!

Let us know what you think….


inner diva is out– bridal session the week of the wedding